My personal begathon

I heard a bit of breaking news the other day: the Obama administration is on the verge of launching a major climate initiative, perhaps during the State of the Union. To me, “major” suggests goals, timetables and a summit to get the issue on the table. After a campaign in which climate change wasn’t mentioned once during the debates, it’s high time. 

The tip came from a panelist on “Changing Smart: from Tom McCall to 2013,” which I organized and moderated last week. The panel was part of a literary grant I was awarded this year by RACC – the Regional Arts & Culture Council. 

How we humans change, or don’t, in the face of coming climate change is what my book is about. Not changing our light bulbs, but changing our minds. The psychology of change is fascinating, even though in the face of melting glaciers, the pace of change is – well, frustratingly glacial.

Not so my first ever fundraiser blitz!!

After all the decades I’ve spent raising money for other people and organizations, I’ve just launched an online, end of year campaign, with US Artists Projects. USAP – unlike Kickstarter and Indiegogo and the others – is a non-profit, so your contributions are tax deductible, and USAP also helps match what you give.

Here’s where to donate:

I’ve only got till the ball drops at midnight on New Year’s Day to raise at least $2523. The money will cover expenses for me to research the next chapter of my book, including a trip down South to two hometowns of mine when I was very young: Lake Charles, Louisiana and Picayune, Mississippi (a glimpse of downtown below). 


I need your help to make it. But the good news is – it’ll be over fast. And I’m already ten percent there – thank you, early adopters! 

So please go to my USAP page and donate!

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